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Telescopio TS Optics Apochromatic Refractor AP 150/1000mm ED Triplet - 3" Linear Power focuser [Teleskop-Service ]

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TS Triplet Apo 150/1000mm features:

-- Air-spaced triplet lens with FPL-53 OHARA element for full color correction
-- Temperature compensated cell, adjustable with push/pull screws
-- Retractable dew cap
-- Internal baffles to prevent straylight
-- 3" Linear-Power focuser, rotatable - a furter development of the Crayford design.
-- CNC tube rings with flat terminals on both sides
-- Robust aluminium travel case for storage and transport
-- OTA weight only 12.3 kgs

The TS Triplet Apo's 150/1000mm lens:

A high-quality lens is essential for succes in astro photography and observation. Despite its fast f/6.67 system, it is free of disturbing color fringes. The single elements are air spaced.
Additionally, the renown FPL53 glass by Ohara is used. Most of the modern high quality APOs are based on it.

Every single TS Triplet APO ist tested on our optical bench before shipping:

At Teleskop-Service, you don't buy a pig in a poke. In addition to the test, you get the photo of a intra/extra focal star test and a ronchi test image. So you have the guarantee of a first class telescope - with no extra costs for you.

The 3" Linear Power focuser - a further development of the Crayford principle:

Our 3" linear power focuser is superior to conventional Crayford focusers. The drawtube is guided by a ball-beared massive stainless steel rail and accepts payloads of up to approx. 5 kgs. It neither tilts nor bends.
It comes with a 1:11 dual speed micro transmission, 360° rotation feature and reducers to 2" and 1.25".

A powerful scope for astro imaging:
Together with our 2.5" field flattener, the 6" APO becomes a specialist for imaging - especially in combination with full size sensors.

2.5" Flattener by Teleskop-Service

It provides 61.5 mm of free aperture and removes the field curvature even with full size (24x36 mm) sensors.

TS Triplet APO 150/1000mm technical details:

-- Lens: Air spaced triplet, adjustable, with FPL53 ED element by Ohara
-- Aperture: 150mm
-- Focal length: 1000mm
-- Photographic speed: f/6,67
-- Resolution: 0.77"
-- Vis. limiting magnitude: 12m7
-- Focuser: 3" Linear Power - double beared and rotatable - incl. M74 thread and reducers to 2" and 1.25"

Scope of delivery:

-- TS Triplet APO 150/1000mm OTA with 3" linear power focuser
-- Robust transport case

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